There isn’t a better way to acquire expertise concerning a certain issue than experiencing it yourself. That’s why I’m convinced that with my own story I can help others who are in the same situation today as I once was.


I want to speak up for those who get little chances in our society because of certain circumstances like a difficult childhood or their ethnicity. By speaking up I want to prove that diversity is beneficial to our society at various levels and that we still miss out on opportunities far too often.


Diversity doesn’t only contribute to economic prosperity, but also to our general sense of happiness. I want to address challenges that stay hidden most of the time and with my story I want to uncover the circumstances of still so many among us.


Furthermore, I want to work on a strategic approach. A plan of sustainable nature with which we can make a change, today and in the future. Together, because diversity is a common responsibility. Let’s start with our educational system and let’s carry this through to the corporate world.


Thus, we’ll create a society in which every single talent will be of value. A world without poverty in which economic prosperity will be within everybody’s reach. For men as well as for women. Especially for all the women in general and for women of various ethnic backgrounds.


For all those future success stories, I’ll speak up today.